Domeilee Beauty Academy established in 1980, recognized by many international beauty associations, such as CIDESCO (Switzerland) CIBTAC (UK), ITEC (UK) and JPK (Malaysia).

The Founder, Merina Teh Ying more than 30 years has always well-creating to provide our students with the most professional beauty international education level and provide sophisticated beauty technology, making them become the most valuable beauty professionals in this industry. We had trained thousands of students all over the world from Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, America etc.

We are offering various courses including the most welcomed and comprehensive Beauty Therapies, Professional Makeup, Professional Nail Art, SPA Relaxation Therapies, The state-of-the-art Health and Beauty computerised Machine therapies courses etc ever found in beauty therapy in South East Asia.



School Accreditation

Why SCHOOL CENTRE ACCREDIDATION is important to every student and parent?
  • Majority of the new students and parents do not know what is school centre accredidation.
  • School centre accredidation is the most importance criteria when selecting any beauty school.
  • Because it helps the parent and student to ensure the investment worth at the end of the course.
  • Remember, the total investment might be more than 10000 or even 20000 dollars.
  • But after graduating you find that your certification is not recognised by the government or industry.
  • Therfore, at least you ensure the certification obtained from the school selected is recognized by the beauty industry or government.
  • There are certain local and oversea corporations which are generally recognised locally or internationaly for beauty industry.Therefore, Malaysian beauty school if required to offer those certification, had to be acredidated by those corporation.
  • Firstly the school must be able to offer the equivalent standard of the course required by the international corporation.
  • Likewise, the school must have the qualified instructors to teach the course, and with approved teaching facilities and others as required by the corporation.
  • Once the academy had been accredited by the body , then the academy can offer the course acredidted at the site.
  • The examination for the course will normally held that the school site accredidated.
  • The corporation will arrange oversea invigilator to carry out the examination.
  • Once the student graduated with the course and passed the exam set for.
  • The students passed the exam, will get the diploma from the body.
  • The diplomas obtained from this school will be the same standard internationally.
What are the most recognized oversea beauty Corporations ?

There are three most popular oversea beauty corporation, CIDESCO from switzerland, CIBTAC and ITEC from United kingdom.


  • CIDESCO from Switzerland – is the most prestigious beauty Diplomas in the world.
  • In year 2016, CIDESCO celebrating its 70 years of history.
  • CIDESCO offers its beauty therapists CIDESCO Diplomas all over the world.
  • Graduates with CIDESCO diplomas will be recognised all the the world.
  • DOMEILEE had been offering CIDESCO for more than 26 years.
  • DOMEILEE’s WCEI-World Class Executive International offering CIDESCO Diplomas.
  • Students can obtained up to 10 certifications and diplomas from WCEI course.



  • CIBTAC from United Kingdom Since 1977
  • CIBTAC (UK) – is another popular for beauty Diplomas in Malaysia.
  • CIBTAC offers various beauty diplomas during the years.
  • DOMEILEE had been offering CIBTAC Diplomas for more than 28 years.
  • DOMEILEE’s WCAI-World Class AdvancedInternational offering CIBTAC Diplomas.
  • Students can obtained up to 7 certifications and diplomas from WCAI course.
  • ITEC from United Kingdom Since 1947.
    ITEC (UK) – is another popular for beauty Diplomas, but only popular in Hong Kong.
  • DOMEILEE also offering ITEC Diplomas Since 1985.
    Students having WCAI course, can also request for ITEC diplomas.
Every beauty therapist have to know what is SKM and JPK?
  • LLPPKK is set up by Malaysian Government in year 1972 to offer vocational certifications in Malaysia.
  • LLPPKK offers beauty certification in year 1988.
  • DOMEILEE beauty Academy offers SKM  beauty courses in year 1986.
  • MLVK is set up to up lift local vocational certifications in year 1995 for all industry.
  • DOMEILEE beauty Academy was accredidated in year 1996 as a private beauty school.
  • JPK is set up in year 2006, to address and standardised all national vocational certification in all industry, government and private sectors.
  • In near future, all industry driven skill works are required to process lessening, inclusive beauty skills.
  • SKM certifications will be necessary for all beauty skill therapists.
What is PTPK ?
  • PTPK –  is the Skills Development Fund Corporation under Human Resource Ministry of Malaysia.
  • PTPK offers study funds to students who wanted to pursue vocational or technical skill in many industries.
  • DOMEILEE’s students are also eligible for such a study fund.
  • Malaysian CIDESCO SECTION is a  SECTION to consolidate and promote CIDESCO in Malaysia.
  • MEA (Malaysian Esthetic Association) – seted up on 2015, had been approved by CIDESCO as the CIDESCO SECTION for Malaysian.
  • All CIDESCO schools in Malaysia are required to join as an associate member.
  • DOMEILEE beauty Academy is an associate member of MEA.
  • Our Principal, Madam Merina Teh is one of the board member for the protem and for the term 2016-2017.
  • We welcome all CIDESCO Diploma holders to join MEA as an assciate members.